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Brace yourself, twin, as 60kg of dolphin plus about 3kg of cat plop themselves on top of your pillow-y flooring, wriggling around just a bit to find that perfect amount of comfort. 


"Ah—" Well, that was a bit surprising, but he didn’t mind one bit. After all he had made sure to use as many pillows as he cound find in the house for the fort floor. 


"You should be careful with the cat. Makoto won’t be happy if she gets hurt."

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Then Haru cooked with basil often? Makoto still found it strange that Haru was even making pork curry. It was usually mackerel curry.


"I think that’s a good idea. It usually is best to come back to something if it gets too difficult or confusing. But why the sudden interest in using coconut milk and basil for your curry?"

"Because I’m making Thai green curry." Considering that this was Makoto of all people, the self proclaimed green curry man, Haru was sure he’d understand. "It was a new recipe I got in a subscription email so I wanted to try it out."

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[✿] ;; —— “You’ll visit? Will you bring hamburgers?” Wakasa smiled and flicked his tail, “It’s a deal! So, make sure you visit. Okay? Don’t break a promise!” The merman extended his hand, wanting to shake on their deal. “I’m Wakasa! What’s your name, Mister?”


"As often as I can manage." Considering he was pretty busy and this was quite the detour for him… ah, but there was no way he couldn’t promise the poor merman that he would. "… Haruka." He bent down a bit to shake the merman’s hand. "It’s nice to meet you."

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Eli was visibly shaking. It was something that he did when he was nervous, and really never had any control over. But someone speaking to him like that? Hospital staff and people who felt bad were the only ones who did that, so the boy assumed it was the second one. Shaking his head he tried to deny the fact that he needed help. He never needed help, and he would always, always deny it.
The boy heard what he had said, and what it looked like, maybe the boy was from around here, and maybe he knew where there was places to eat for instance. instead of hospital food all the time, anything to get him further away from this place.
A nod.
“You-re… . not with the hospital staff are you?” he had to ask, maybe he was, and this was all a setup.

“No… just lost.” Though Haru figured he must have looked rather strange to the stranger just coming up like that. In most cases he wouldn’t have blamed the other considering that helping out willingly wasn’t in his nature but well… this guy just looked like he needed it.

Or at least someone to talk to anyways.

“I don’t really like hospitals myself…” he held out a hand to show he was friendly and meant what he said, a sign Haruka hoped the other would take as a friendly one. “So do you want help?”

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Akira nodded. “I’ll see if I can have soup delivered too. If you feel worst let me know. I’ll take care of you Papa.”


Haru gave a nod. “Sorry for being an inconvenience…”

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"Yeah… We’ll be able to see each other on the screen while we talk together!" Nagisa nodded and hugged his knees to his chest as he spoke. "It’s a fun way to chat."


"Ah… I hope to swim in a pool that big someday!" The teen smiles as his glance returns to meet his friend’s eyes. "You gotta send me pictures and stuff, okay? And we can come watch you swim sometime…!"

“That does sound fun… like everyone coming to watch me.” Actually, he had hoped that they would always come to his meets—or at least as often as they could anyways. Call it a silly Haruka wish if you must.

“And if you keep practicing, you just might be able to as well.”

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He laughed at the freestylist’s statement. 

"Weird? The guy who strips whenever a body is around is calling me weird…. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?" He joked, shutting his eyes, allowing the sun to wash over him, truly feeling its warm embrace. He’s silent for a moment, thinking of a proper response to part two. Sure, he didn’t always do that, but today had just been exceptionally awesome. He felt like he was on cloud nine. And so he danced. 

"…Who cares if they stare?" He finally responds.

"I’m not some kid to be told ‘don’t do that’. If they aren’t someone who’s helping me achieve my dream, I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about their opinion.” He peeked open an eye, glancing at the boy beside him, a teasing grin pulling at his lips.

"You’re just too shy, huh?" 

“… Still weird.” But then again it wasn’t like he actually understood just what the hell the song was about or even understood anything about dancing music or whatever. All this dolphin usually cared about during times like that was just whether or not it sounded good to him.

So of course he was going to go with just staring at Rin, puzzlement painted everywhere on his face before finally he shrugged and made himself get up.

“Whatever. I’m going back.”

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[✿] ;; —— “Man made?” Wakasa frowned and pulled himself out slowly. “Hey, Mister? Do you have a bathtub?” He smiled and extended his arms, wanting Haru to lift him. “Can I borrow your tub? I want to sit in clean water for a bit! Please? I can give you more scales, can enter me in shows for payment!” Wakasa dipped his tail back into the water, unable to leave it for too long. “I won’t be a burden, promise!”

“… I do, but I live in a different part of town. I’m not strong enough to carry a person that far.” That was more Makoto’s end of things and well—Haruka was just not Makoto. Not to mention he couldn’t really imagine how any of those were proper payment for something as simple as letting him sit in a tub, but Haru decided to remain quiet about that.

He did, however, think of something else. “I can come back whenever I’m free with food… is that okay?”

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          The small shark was sure that someone was living inside of the home. He’s seen someone walk out almost everyday, plus there were lights on at night. What’s more is that he was able to smell food coming from the home. The place was a sanctuary that he needed to enter.

          Trying to find an opening to get inside was a tough mission, but he would not give up. If he’s correct inside of the home is food and shelter. Living outside where large birds and cats could eat him was not ideal. Many plans were tried and ultimately failed, but his new one was full proof. heck, he wondered why he never thought of it before.

          With a small grunt and all of his body strength, he was able to slip through one of the doors, then tumbled around until he landed flat on his stomach. A small ‘oof' was sounded.


“Ah—” He hadn’t really been expecting the sudden streak of red, much less the sudden little thud sound followed by a very much audible ‘oof’. Haru peered over the table in the middle of the room and soon enough blue eyes came in contact with the little invader.

He just hadn’t expected ‘little invader’ to be quite literal.

After a brief moment of deliberation, the teen ended up scooting over a bit just enough in order to reach over and gently pluck up the little red head by the back of his clothes and set him on the table. “… Is that better?”

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